Fuse22 Lip Sync 456

iHeart Radio

Our inaugural champions! They may have sat out of the competition last year, but they’re back and better than ever! Something tells us that really they have just been perfecting their routine all this time to take back the Champion title... What do you think? Can they do it?

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107.3 the Beat

99.5 Sports Talk

...and many more!

This year's iHeart Radio team is made up of 7 rockstar members:

  • Missy Lynam
  • Ariel McSwain
  • Lauren Carter
  • Shelby Mitchell
  • Melissa Overstreet
  • Mary Booth
  • Randy Kennedy
  • Jennifer Steiniede
  • Ronnie Bloodworth
  • Derik Anderson
  • Grant Dukes

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iHeart Radio